Gathering of Eagles Foundation


For more than three decades, the Gathering of Eagles program has served as the capstone event for the graduates of the Air Command and Staff College. It is an integral part of the Air Command and Staff College experience. The bringing of distinguished air, space, and cyberspace leaders and legends from around the world to this stage ensures Eagles’ “living histories” and “lessons learned” are carried forward into the twenty-first century by the world’s future military and civilian leadership.

The first “Eagles” -- George Vaughn, Leigh Wade, Jimmy Doolittle, Curtis LeMay, George Gay, Joe Foss, John Mitchell, “Chuck” Yeager, Gail Halverson, Paul Tibbets, “Gabby” Gabreski, Robin Olds, Mike Novosel, “Pete” Knight and Neil Armstrong spanned aviation history from World War I to the Space Age. The Eagles who followed included legendary figures “Pappy” Boyington, Benjamin O. Davis Jr., “Robbie” Risner, George H.W. Bush, John Glenn, Joe Engle, Jeremiah Denton, “Bud” Day, and “Gene” Kranz.